About Me


Nourhan Al-aqad, an Egyptian high school student. A Muslim and the real Islam I represent not the killing one. I don’t really live in one of Egypt’s fancy cities and I don’t own a big house. Just simple, that’s how everything in my life is. I like to believe that this world is getting better and not like what people say about a doomed generation. Friendship is the only true thing in life in my opinion and love is just a moment in your long life. If it worked well, it’ll be your whole life but that’s not what I hear about. I don’t hear about that true love unless I’m watching Titanic. You might find it weird but I believe there are aliens over there. Maybe they’re watching you read this now.

I’ve always had some difficulties with talking to others about the things I like or the things I’m interested in just like I talk about anything else. That’s because not everyday you find an identical copy of you to blab or even vent to. Some of the things I want to talk about might be embarrassing, technically silly so no one would be happy to listen, or sometimes things that I’m a one of a kind liking them or hating them. On the other hand, I like to listen to others and to try solving whatever problem is they are facing. And me being like all humans, I have problems too which even my parents don’t do anything about it.

The reason of making this blog is to say those things I couldn’t to a complete stranger. Someone who doesn’t really know me so he can’t just judge me. Or even if he did, I won’t care as long as it doesn’t effect anything in my life. Another reason is that I like writing and meeting or knowing new people so this is a good chance to know others more or to know more about what I like.

I’m a big fan of English, and since I’m Egyptian, English might be pretty hard for me. I think this blog is a good way to improve my English in all the means by sing it more and more.

However, I’m only seventeen and I do lack of experience but I’m doing this for you and I both to enjoy. I can’t promise to post the most awesome topics here but as a teenager, I’ll try as much as possible to ┬áprovide other teens and even adults with something good. Writing, reading, making crafts and cooking ( which I like so much ) will be all here aside with anything else I might like to share.

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