I don’t know how, but it’s happening. Now in Egypt.


Travel to Egypt in this instant moment to see something that had never happened in a country that is mostly a desert. Right now, from my flat on the seventh floor, snow is covering the streets and the gardens.  And this is something should be written in history. Actually, It’s the weirdest thing in the history of weird things.

As you all know, Egypt is in Africa, which means high temperature and warm winters. So, snowing is one like an illegal thing to happen in Egypt. I’ve made couple of researches on the internet about this weird phenom. A sudden one actually, to know that this is the coldest winter in Egypt since 122 years. And that this might happen every 122 years from now. This super cold weather is due to a snow storm in either Jordan and Turkey, or one of them I’m not so sure. And the winds have blown that to Egypt and some of the lands surrounding it.

And because this is the first time in my entire life to see snow for real around me, and because my mom being this so worried mother, I wasn’t allowed to go downstairs for some fun with my brother. The only way to remember this awesomeness was by taking a photo from the seventh floor, like pre-mentioned, and keeping it on my phone for forever.                                                                           BbWpuk7CUAA_5UV

People in Egypt were horrified at the beginning and started posting picturecomparing the weather now in Egypt and other cities that are known for their cold weather. ( I attached the picture to this post ). Also, going through my twitter made me find more and more pictures for the snow in Egypt where it started in Alexandria like yesterday night, and now had spread to many cities such as Cairo.


Really, nothing is impossible in Egypt. XD


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