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In way or another, I’m obsessed with space – astronomy – and everything related to it. Although I haven’t read many books in that genre for a long time compared to last years but I’m still in love and seek for more.

While searching the internet, a topic captured my attention. I’m the kind of people who believe in the weirdest things. Like aliens and whatnot. So, a topic about living in Mars is completely attractive to me. A part of the topic is below. You need to click the link down there in order to read the full article in its original place.

Credit to :  Richawriter on Hubpages.

A Terra-formed Mars


Introduction: Can People Live on Mars?

I think humans will reach Mars, and I would like to see it happen in my lifetime. – Buzz Aldrin

Mars. Just saying the name calls to mind a myriad associations. For me, I’m reminded of the stark blood-red color of the barren planet, the result of it’s being rich in iron oxide. Others may recall the many stories of Martians, but one thing is clear about the mysterious red planet, the fourth from the sun – it’s uninhabited and uninhabitable.

War of the Worlds

I am almost certain that Mars gained its first real dose of fame in the modern era with the creation of The War of the Worlds in 1898, a novel written by H. G. Wells in which Martians invaded Earth. As if the book wasn’t enough, the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network aired an adaptation of the novel on 30th October 1938 as a Halloween special. Needless to say, it sparked nationwide panic,

causing many Americans to flee their homes and thousands more to flood the radio station with phone calls, seeking to clarify the validity of the broadcast.

The Face

Later in 1976, when Viking 1 mission returned with photographs of a face-like landmass on the surface of Mars, the tales of an alien civilization returned with enthusiasm. All this attention has made Mars the most well-known of all the planets aside from our own – Earth.

Oh we’ve explored aliens, alright. Almost to the point of exhaustion.

There’s one other question I’d like to pose, one I think doesn’t receive the attention it deserves from the general public and it is:

Can people live on Mars?

I don’t mean to sound glum but the situation on Earth is poised on a sword edge and it’s a double edged sword at that. On the one hand, we may harm this planet so much that

we destroy it. On the other, if we do manage to thrive and prosper here there’s the growing concern of overpopulation.

Can people live on Mars and relieve the strain upon our beautiful Earth? Let’s find out!

This is the Closest We Have Come to Mars so Far


Ways in Which we Might Travel to Mars in the Coming Years

At present, the most sophisticated space-flight technology generally takes from 150 – 300 days to reach Mars. A number of factors are involved in the journey time such as the speed of the launch, the amount of fuel expended and the alignment of Earth and Mars. Every 2 years, Mars comes within 55,000,000 km of Earth and this is the perfect time to begin a mission to the red planet by shuttle.

Read full article Here .

As I said, this is not mine nor I’d be able to write something like that, specially in science. Full credits to the author of it on the website which is really good if you want to try it out.


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