The truth about The Earth’s movement around The Sun.

Everyday, we discover new things, new awesome things. We do even develop our knowledge of things we already know about. Such as this thing.
The funny thing is that we have believed, for so many years, that planet Earth actually moves around the Sun in circular motion. The REALLY funny thing is that we never knew the truth. The truth whether it really goes literally around the Sun or just moves along with the Sun.
The surprising explanation, which will lead to answer the pre-mentioned question or inquire is the fact that sun isn’t the center of the galaxy. It’s actually playing the role of the boss, leading the planets, asteroids and other stars. And the Sun being the magnet that pulls the planets towards it as it’s, all the nine planets and everything else will move forward if the Sun move forward and whatnot.
I’d like to note down to you that there is a sentence in the holy book of Quran proves the theory in the video.
{ And the sun runneth on unto a resting-place for him. That is the measuring of the Mighty, the Wise. (38) And for the moon We have appointed mansions till she return like an old shriveled palm-leaf. (39) It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor doth the night outstrip the day. They float each in an orbit. (40) } CLICK HERE ( visit the site and translate whatever sentence in quran you want in case curious )

I don’t know if any of you viewers already know about that or not. Just watch the video. What do you think ? true enough ?!


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