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I’ve been, for so long, addicted to online teen fictions and novels. I can spend hours on the internet searching for a proper one without those cheesy conversation or lame situations. It’s really rare to find such a novel written by teens but still, there are some awesome e-books over there. About a year or so, I found this book site called Wattpad. It has many  books in all the genres you wish to read about. Some of the books aren’t as good as you would expect while the others are incredibly good for young or beginner writers. It’s also free, so you don’t have to purchase a book in order to read it. In that year, I’ve read plenty of books. Not in all the categories but mostly from Teen-fictions, Fantasy, Humor and thriller ones. Among them all, those were definitely my favorite : 

  • Truly, Madly, Deadly. This was one of the rare books to really enjoy reading. A book that I was head over heels to know what will happen next. It’s not completed yet but the author updates frequently so you don’t have to wait much.
  • The cell phone swap . Another teen-fiction book which is also not completed yet. There is another book for the story though called i am Talon. It’s in another person’s point of view. The author’s writing is really amazing.
  • Bad boy, Cupid and Me It might look as a cliche title for a cliche book but if that is this book’s case, then I love cliches.
  • Wake Up Call  This is the unedited version of the book but as in the summery of it, it’s published on Amazon.com and on paperback.
  • The boy who lost his sight. Now this is one awesome, full of emotion, story to read.
  • The guest who stayed.  DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK.
  • I Am Anastasia.

There are literally some awesome books over there so go and check the website out. I’ll be posting my first story book on that site as soon as I finish it.




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